Custom T-Shirt Printing

Tercer Ink offers customized shirts for your business or event. If you have a design ready, GREAT! Let's start printing. If not, we can work with you on creating something awesome.

  1. Digital Logo or Content

  2. Shirt Color

  3. Shirt Style

  4. Shirt Sizes and Quantity

  5. Date Needed



What We Need To Get Started

Here are some quick tips for planning your design:

  1. Have your design ready in a digital file.(Illustrator, Photoshop, Jpeg, Png, etc.)

  2. Pricing is based on "Screens". More screens means higher cost. For every color you want on your shirt, it will require an additional screen. If you want something on the front and the back of your shirt each side will require a separate screen.

  3. Explore fonts that you like online. A great website to visit is

  4. KEEP IT SIMPLE! This applies mostly to those that want to create shirts for business. Don't overwhelm the customer with information, just let them know your present, and a website or phone number will do just fine.